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Mototrials Indoor Toulouse


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That's just stupid. I think it was 2 or 3 years ago that Martin Lampkin made a conscious effort to make the sections at the Sheffield Trial lower because of people getting injured the year before... And now Toulouse are making the riders do that?! I can't believe what they're managing to do but if anything went wrong on those high sections you're well and truly fooked. Mad.

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oh... my... god... Thats Fookin Crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, i wonder how long it took to sort out thew insurance. This weekend i'm going to a natural mototrials comp, that's what started me in trials. It's immense what they can do, but some times it seems to be more momentum than anything ele. <_<

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GOOD STUFF! Also I'd like to make the point I was well impressed by the teamwork. People were always covered and thought it was brilliant they always had someone behind them. Ocassionally I ask a mate to cover something for me. Then again they are doing some stupid big sections.

Insane obstacles


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i had no idea that stuff was possible on mototrials bikes, i saw a tap :o

not seen anysidehops though, mwahah

Indeed, there was some parts i was 100% there wasn't any way of getting out off. Was completly mind blowing.

Ah, near the end, the waterfall section, a guy near the top, he sidehops to bash, kind of. :P

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calm down guys, surely he was being sarcastic or at his age he'd have been in that video ;)

great riding although, i didn't like the video much, huge moves, but hermance was better around that circuit.

Gav... Shhhhhh ;)

I ride with Blair all the time, he knows I'm not being deadly serious :turned:

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Just watched the vid again, & noticed that they also do the same course on trialsbikes (pushbikes). which was also very impresive, pogoing on his front wheel going round in a circle on top of the cog real things. CRAZY!!!


it's not a bad website, loving the vids on there.

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