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Tra Karbon Vid Up Now.


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some of the lines you think of make me laugh there just lines that should be done lol i dont know how you think of them. is there much left of your bike you sure gave that a beating ide cry if my bike wet down that cliff. that vid was sick mate well and truely you gapo and sidehop it nicer to,

also what bars were they befor the red wide ones they look like bmx width bars lol

fair play mate

btw how the f**k i mean how the f**k do you keep your balance when your foot falls off. you have the balance of a erm i dont know rite know something good lol

edit again oh my god how strong are you lol

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you f*cking machine, there is a god and TRA is thy name. How the f*ck did you stay on the bike when you're foot slipped the pedal?????? :blink:

you continue to amaze me every video i see

what width are them bars, look like xc bars to me :unsure:

cheers lewis

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Wow your not the smoothest rider in the world are you!!

But bloody hell do you go for stuff. Its all grrrrr and muscle power! Very impressive.

Some(nearly all) of the moves look too big and impossible, but you manage to just throw the bike up there!

Please be nicer to your bike!!!!!!!! was upset when i saw it clattering down that rock!!

But you've proved the karban is strong, if it can handle your riding, it can handle anything (Y)

Nice one man


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woah that was just amazing, as usual really

The first bit was very painfull to watch, when the bike fell down:P

Some huge riding, i was really wondering how you threw the bike around during the vid

But that was explained at the end of the vid :P

Nice video, looking forward to your next one

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