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Bottom Bracket Sizes - Check Here Before Asking BB Length


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Add your frame and crank combos and which BB you run. Also add any other combos which you know are 100% correct! Please can everyone put down what frame they have no matter which one it is and say what setup you need.

Once a new combo has been posted, it will be added to the list, and the post deleted. This keeps the thread clean, and makes it easier to find what you are looking for

26" Bikes

Ashton Justice

Middleburn RS7 73mm x 122mm

Middleburn RS7 ISIS 73 x 118mm

RaceFace Turbine Forged ISIS 73mm x 113mm

RaceFace NorthShore 73mm x 110mm

Base TA26 04

Middleburn RS7 ISIS 73x122.5mm

Truvativ Hussefelts ISIS 73mm x 118mm

Brisa B26 (Mk 1)

Middleburn RS7 68mm x 113mm

FSA Power Pros 68mm x 113mm

BT Raven 5.0

Middleburn RS7 73mm x 128mm

Crescent Ilions '02

Sugino square taper cranks (monty oem) 68mm x 113mm

Curtis T1

Middleburn RS7 73mm x 122.5mm

Echo ES4

Middleburn RS7 73mm x 122.5mm

ECHO Urban

Middleburn RS7 73mm x 122.5mm


Middleburn RS7 68mm x 122.5mm

HandsomeDog Rockhound

Middleburn RS7 68mm x 113mm

FSA Power Pros 68mm x 113mm

Koxx LevelBoss 1040, 1065 and 1100

RaceFace Turbine Forged ISIS 68mm x 127.5mm

Middleburn RS7 or Shimano Square Taper 68mm x 118mm

Front Freewheel 68mm x 127mm

Koxx XTP

Middleburn RS7 (16tooth bash) 68mm x 127.5mm

Megamo Radical

Middleburn RS7 ISIS 68mm x 118mm

Monty Urban

Tensiles 68mm x 118mm

Middleburn RS7 68mm x 122.5mm

FSA Power Pros 68mm x 118mm

Onza T-Raptor

Middleburn RS7 or Shimano 68mm x 11xmm???

DDG Orbita 68mm x 122.5mm

Onza Armstrongs 68mm x 127.5mm

Onza T-Rex

Truvativ Husslefelt 68mm x 113mm

Middleburn RS7 68mm x 122.5mm

Orange Zero

Middleburn RS7 or Shimano 113mm X 73mm

Pace RC250T

Raceface 128mm ISIS BB with Middleburns

Pashley 26 Mhz

Middleburn RS7 or Shimano 73mm x 113mm

Pashley 26ghz

Middleburn RS7's 73mm x 127mm

Planet X Zebdi Mk4 (I think theyre all the same though)

Middleburn RS7 ISIS 68mm x 118mm

Saracen MAD/X-Isle

Middleburn RS7 68mm x 118mm

Truvativ Hussefelts 68mm x 113mm

Zoo! Boa

Truvativ Hussefelts 68mm x 118mm

24" Bikes

There are currently no entries for 24" bikes

20" Bikes

Echo Team ('05)

Monty ISIS cranks (with Raceface Evolve DH BB) 68mm x 118mm

Monty X- Hydra

Middleburn RS7 (with Truvativ Giga Pipe DH BB) 73mm x 118mm

Onza T-bird

Onza Muscleman cranks with an ACS claw 68mm x 122.5mm

Thanks To

Me :-"












Olly C




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Giant trials team '03 (73mm)

Truvativ Hussefelt with truvativ DH BB 73 x 118

Megamo (square) UN52 73 x 122.5 (with UCI bashring and shimano freewheel- VERY TIGHT FIT!)

Onza Woodstock (73mm)

Tensile (not UCI version) with FSA platinum DH 73 x 128 (uci bashring and WI trials ENO- extraction tabs ground down)

Great topic!


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Onza T-lite.

I'm running tensiles with a 124mm ISIS BB


I am 99% sure that you could run a 122mm. But definatly no shorter than this.

I think that a 127.5mm BB would make the chain rub on the stay. :turned:


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sorry spunkey i dont know what will be available for that.

toxsin frame 1 - 68 x 128 (any isis cranks wiht normal bash (20/22th chainring))

68 x 118 (tensiles wiht uci set up (16th chain ring)) should fit but probably the smallest you

could go

echo team 05 - 68 x 118 (with tensile uci set up 18:12 setup)

thats what i know :S

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Adamant A1 06

- 128mm, Tensile UL 170mm - serious magura clearance issues with 47mm rim (cranks require grinding)

- 128mm, Echo Forged 170mm - no issues

- 124mm, Monty 221Ti - no issues

GU 2006 Mod

-118mm, Tensile UL 170mm - no issues

Zoo Python 05

-128mm - too wide, chainline issues with Profile hub

-118mm, Zoo CNC, Tensile UL - no issues

Monty 221Ti

-128mm, Tensile UL - no issues with clearance or chainline

Triton (any model)

-128mm, Tensile UL - minimum width to avoid chainstay yoke and crank clearance issues

-128mm, Echo Forged 160mm - no issues

Echo Pure 04

-124mm, Burns - no issues

-128mm, Tensiles - no issues

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