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16 years later

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That's a bit sad if you designed it and the manufacturers just let anyone else put there names on them.

In all fairness onza has done a similar thing to koxx, the t pro springs to mind as a pretty much identical copy of the levelboss. Onza however got it the right way round by releasing something that was as good and cheaper rather than more expensive and not quite as good like koxx have done in this case :P

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Always difficult decisions when you develop a new product like this. Nothing patentable and nothing really unique which would make the design registrable which could not be easily got round. We could have paid for the tooling (about $3500 US) and kept it exclusive to us but someone else could easily have produced their own tooling. So the decision was made just to get a head start on anyone else and launch the product well in advance of anyone else. Our spec. is a little different and our price as always is competitive, but as our collaborator paid for the tooling we can do little to stop them selling the concept to other people. Luckily on this occasion we have the satisfaction of knowing what the rest of the world knows, that we got their first, and that our competitor takes our design, copies it, but makes it inferior and more expensive.

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