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Stolen! - Update


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Hi guys,

Both mine and Joe Seddon's bikes were stolen from his car in Taunton on Friday night.

These are both top end, full competition spec bikes

Below is a picture of Joe's bike, the only difference being that since the picture was taken, it now has black '05 maggies on it and silver cranks.

Mine is almost identical, other than having black Rockman 4-bolt forks, black Rockman stem, a black wheelset and silver Echo SL cranks.


The Police were round here yesterday taking prints and swabs off the car and we should hear back soon if there are any matches.

These are the only 2 Limey 4's in the Southwest right now!

Please keep an eye/ear out and if you hear anything let me know

Cheers guys



As many of you will know Joe's bike was recovered by me within the week of it being taken.

Since then there has been pretty much no sign of my bike other than a call from a mate telling me he saw someone on it about a month ago.

On Wednesday the Police arrested someone on an unrelated drugs charge and my bike was found at the address!

The only thing missing was the sloping topcap and the only damage was that the front brake hose was ripped out.





A massive thanks is due to Mark @ tartybikes who re-sent me all my order confirmations as proof of purchase for the majority of the parts on the bike.

I picked the bike up on Thursday evening and its now safe in the triple padlocked shed!

Sometimes, good things happen :)



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Gutted :(

I learnt my lesson the hard way having had my bmx stolen from the back of my car 10 years ago, since then my bikes never stay anywhere but locked inside my house. You wont be able to claim on car insurance, with cars they will only typically cover a couple of hundred quid of stolen possessions. Claiming on house insurance might be possible depending on if the bikes were declared and the small print of the policy.

Unlikely to hear or see anything of them up here but if I do :)

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As I've said on facebook, I'll keep an eye out. I've posted it on the uni's mountain biking facebook page so people can keep an eye out online, or on the off-chance they end up up country. I've let Andy in Wheels In Motion know too, so he'll keep an eye out. I hope you manage to get them back, or at least claim on some form of insurance.

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