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Hope 116mm BMX hub


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Taken from fast lane BMX magazine website

The Hope hub has been in design for a while now, but has taken a while to be actually be made. The picture shows it with a shortened freehub and a standard cog but the production one will have an international standard 6 bolt fixing and a choice of cogs from 15 tooth to 21 tooth, and also a 9 speed integrated cog. The production hub's will have an 80 tooth pick up. The rear hub will come in a 10mm or 14mm bolt option, with a bolt either side aswell as a 14mm nutted option. Hope are also going to produce a matching front hub to complement the rear ,which will have an option of a 10mm bolt like the rear or with a 20mm bolt through option .

9 or 15t then it appears. No 12t for mod. Wonder what size front sprocket you'll need with a 9t driver to make the gearing feel right? And to clear the chain stays without rubbing. I'm going to message hope and see if there is going to be 12t driver made

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Usually fold, then fold again, then scrunch to eek the last available surface area out of the paper. Scrunchers are such a waste, they are about 95% culpable for the Amazonian deforestation, I'm sure of it.

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