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Wright Pads Update: Production Underway

Wright Pads

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Finally got some time to my self. Anyway i've cut the block up now into 6 sections. Just got to mark up the blocks for 25 cuts on each block! Yes it's an effort.

Specs are to remind you all!

* £TBC for a pair of Wright Pad's

* Including First Class postage

* There fitted into brand new Power Pad backings for maximum clip life and safety!!

* Designed for use on ground rims only!

* Great sound, with sharp bite and tremendous hold, but still with amazing superb wear life and modulation is very good.

Bit of info form a uber highly respected trials rider and shop owner!

Tartridge says: -Amount of lock (on a 47mm cheese rim) seems to exceed how much tension a KMC Kool chain can take when you’ve got a 13.5 stone fatty jumping on one pedal :turned:


Anyway pic below is of it so far. Sorry for crapness taken with me phone.

IPB Image

Backings are on order hopefully, glue (Loctite 406 with primer) is here and well in date so Pete's happy.

As for them being sold many offers have been made and yet to go with one. How ever there is a local shop that does mail order offering...stay tuned. The price is changing sadly. Things have costed more so it's small increase as to whats out there now! £TBC

If you got questions read the topic again as someone will ask a silly question!

Pete - Wright Pads

**Mods this is not a forsale this is an Update on production only**

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I think you're going about it pretty well myself Pete, although I'd like to see a few riders reviews myself still.

Seems like you are taking a bit more care etc over this which is good to see, so well done!

Still don't quite understand the "sharp bite and very good modulation" but I guess that just remains to be seen really.

Hope it work out for you, even if others don't

(Actually, if I was one of these grindy types I'd be tempted to give them a try...)

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Any pad in the review down as '' Tarty Blacks'' are exactly what mine are. Adam didn't have the time to make them and now i do them! So reviews are up. Only differnce is i have a better way at making them than Adam.

Pad reviews

Anyhting thats uber important i take lots of care and attension over! Brakes more so than anyhting. Non of the pads i've modded to fit my CNC backing have ever failed me!

I've a softer compound Luke which is like Zoo's, last a hell of a lot longer!

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Will you be willing to sell refills for the CNC backings instead of the power pad backings?

Hi i will deffinetly buy some if you can do some refills for the CNC backings as my materials getting low now thanks trialsbikenut (Y)(Y)

Same here, i have my own backings and so would it be possible to buy just the compound (without the backings) for slightly less?

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Sorry I don't understand, how is he giving them away for free, or is this some kind of "Friend only" thing if not, how could i get a set of free pads :- .

Sort of a friend thing I assume with Alex, but Darren 'won' them by helping Pete out with some calculations and stuff a while back.

An NMC search for "Wright Pads" (not as in the member...) would probably bring up the topic

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Darren get his free as he helped me on the working out on how to cut my sheet up! I had a laps of memory and posted up here offering 1st correct answer wins a free set of pads! Fair deal eh!

I'm going to sponser Alex as i'm sick of his fanny farting about with pads and saying they never work. He winges more than all the women in the world when on there time of the month. So i'll give him some that do work 100% on a fresh grind all the time and he'll shut up, ride more, go bigger. His mum will be happy, i'll be happy and he bloody better be. Also helps him out!

Luke i can make them to my spec but in tems of the material to be used on there just sand them down. I can sort this for you! Once these are done i'll sort out the other material, i may get you test...i've 45sha all the way to 100sha, i'm thinking 50/65sha.

What i plan to do it make say 20 glued set's and some non glude all ready to dispatch. I know manny out there have the CNC backings like my self! I will do them as refile but you have to trim them to fit! Not me, and also your doing so at your own risk as with the powerpad i can control it all but the cnc i can't and it's just to cover my self.


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Like the same roar up that was made about Majik (sp) pads? :P

Umm yes I didn't think of that one Lee...ahem cough cough yes Dave???


is it just me or do those look a bit thin. Can you take the next picture with a backing or soemthing so i can relate lol

There 10mm in that pic. I cut a 50x12x10 block, then once cut and fitted to the backing this gives 8mm of pad. 8mm is the happy mediam to fit all frames and rims currently! I'll take more pic when i get backings here. I'm out on a private IT job right now so i can;t get any pics of it all at all!

Yeh, if you thinkn your a pro and fall on your arse Pete won't be held responsible :lol:

By all means feel inspired by the pads, heck i do but if it goes all Pete Tonge it's not Mr Wrights fault and your will defo be the one on your ass laughing...well crying maybe!


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