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What Do You Like Most About Trials?


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Too much stuff! (not in order of most important (Y) )

- striving to get better

- having a laugh with mates

- hilarious stacks

- meeting new people

- coming home and feeling like a complete king after a day riding

- improving your bike

- improving your body

- nailing a new move however big or small it is

- people who are impressed and say good stuff

- doing something that isn't an everyday generic thing for people to do

- etc :P



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The best about trials must be... Hmmm.. All the girls that looks on me when I ride :D "Dont do that. You can hurt yourself." "He's playing with death."

ah dude you can't be serious :P

is that the main reason why you ride trials?:P

anyway, quite hard for me to describe, i just really enjoy it

keeps stuff of my mind, and feels like i'm doing something with my life

just love the whole feeling of it =]

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ADRENALINE ennit lol

i love the feel of going big and the feel when i land it. ( if my wheel aint caved in lol)

The feel of landing something.

I like the journeys and people looking at you.

I like to know i have a good biek and a nice loud brake hehe,

Meeting people

everything lol.

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meeting new people - who only judge you on personality.

travelling to all different places in the country/world.

pretty much what you said ash... when you finally nail a really piece of technical riding thats been beating your for ages. or when you finally have the balls to go for something youve been looking at for ages.

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the fact it takes my mind off anything. no stress.

and also the feeling of not wanting to be anywhere else when your riding some real nice lines.

I really love the variety of brake pads :$

I love drinking a beer after you've commited to something and nailed it.

You can relieve testosterone without competing against anyone (Y)

The feeling that you've really progressed afterwards and proved something to yourself.

Wanting to go out for a ride again, gives you something to look forward to.

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looking at something new and nailing it 1st time

adding flair to something, crossing the bars or backpedalling before dropping off

doing something but in a real floaty smooth fasion, making it look effortless

meeting random people, not many other sports can you travel for hundreds of miles and meet people you have never met before and feel totally accepted and feel like you have known them for years by the end of the day!

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I love it when i cant do something then move on and ride the next spot, then when you try on the way back or then next ride you nail it. its a great felling. or watching a friend do something then out do them :- . the last one doesnt happen to often to me though.

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