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Ciguena 20" Dual Disc

Inspired Dave

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New bike time again :$

Decided it was time to try dual disc for a bit. Adam's brake has been working awesome lately, so I thought I'd have a try at sacrificing some bite for a bit of smooth silent (almost) action.



Ciguena 20", front and rear Mono Trial 160s, Echo cranks, Monty rear disc hub. Had to change to Echo cranks, as much as I loved the Profiles, they won't run with this frame as it has no bashplate. Gonna keep the Profiles for a rainy day though, no doubt I'll change my frame again sometime this year!

I'm actually genuinely surprised and impressed at how well the Ciguena rides. I wasn't sure about the looks as a bare frame, but built up I'm loving it. With a tiny bit lower bb than the Adamant I notice a few changes in how it rides, but everything has it's positives, so as long as I ride to the positives I'll be a happy chappy :D.

Rear disc is so surreal. Almost like someones removed your ability to hear, but the brake still works. Great when you want to be smooth though, such a novelty for me.

Big thanks to Ciguena for the quick delivery of the frame, Hope for the awesome brakes and Profile for the ridiculously stiff/pimp but temporarily neglected cranks!

Hopefully be getting some riding clips soon, as soon as my knee isn't purple and lump that is.

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Rides awesome. First time I got on it I decided to start small and try 5 blue pallets to backwheel with a pedal-up. It went well, missed the edge and landed about 8-10 inches in to the pallet. Proper poo'd myself cos I landed super vertical as well.

Bunnyhops to 2 wheels nice, and sidehops nice. With the slightly lower bb I'm finding I gap to two or to a skim of the front wheel more than I did on the A3, so it feels a bit more compy than streety in that way. Lower bb also means I can get a bit more power in to gaps (need every bit of help I can get with gaps at mo! haha).

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Wow... its been a while since iv seen a mod i like.. really like.

Thats awesome dude! Nice job on the build too.

What i like most about your post though.. is your POSITIVE ATTITUDE "if i ride to the positives il be a happy chappy!"

thats soo refreshing to hear instead of people whinging about this n that on there bike.

great build and im sure it rides great too.

go out and have fun (hope the knees not too bad??)



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Sorry, I think it looks gash, too much space between the rear tyre and the seat stay.

yea i agree it kind off ruins it

but i like it alot otherwise, one of my favourite bikes on looks

bet it rides awesome aswell

have fun on it, shouldn't be that hard (Y)

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