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Which Rider/style Would U Rather See A Video Of...

Joe Papasnap Maher

Danny mac or damon  

161 members have voted

  1. 1. erm...yer

    • Danny Mac
    • Damon

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put a link up for a vid of danny mac as im not sure who he is. cheers mate

I really enjoyed damon's last video, but watching danny ride you never know what the hell he is gonna do. In that Edinburgh vid I didn't get anywhere near all the moves he pulled or some the ones that he didn't quite get that weekend (270 nosepick onto a wall :o )

We watched a couple of sections from 'extended families' which has loads danny in it and it's gonna be well worth the cash just for his riding...

thought I would mention that danny was saying how all the stuff tunni, cls and damon does is amazing...

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I've never watched Danny Mac before that Edinburgh vid, he's great! So much style, very refereshing (Y)

Damon's freaking awesome at what he does, but so many other riders do the exact same type of riding as he does, albeit on a smaller, occasionally higher scale though. Danny Mac gets it for me.

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Haven't seen much of Danny Mac, I like D.W but although he does totally huge stuff, he isn't as good to watch as Vincent Hermance etc.

I prefer smooooooothness, because I know how much more difficult it is to ride like it!

Nathan (Y) Good topic I see where you're coming from...

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i think there both equal pegging to me, i just like watching videos of any one!

danny absolutley amazes me and his riding is so creative, but damon is just a silly boy!

am good mates with damon aswell so he can have my vote, even though i like both equally!


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I think with big power move videos like Damons, for me they tend to get a little bit repetitive. Theres only so many huge side hops and gaps you can put in a video.

For me, its would be Dannys style. You see him running up to a line, and you think you have a good idea of what he will do, then he does the complete opposite. Its just so flowly and smooth. I find that kind of video much more enjoyable.

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Danny's inventiveness is what does it for me , and is what will prevent our sport from stagnating into a self-refferential parody of itself . That said - Mr.Watson certainly has considerable testicular fortitude .

That ( kickass ) Edinburgh video , is it available in better / downloadable quality anywhere ?

E D I T : >_<I'm a dumb ass , found it and it's all kinds of cool .

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i would say each rider in their own has their "abilities" but it is down to music choice that finishes it off, too much head banging shit doesnt do a video any good, something smooth with a nice tune to it goes much better, but i do see why people use hard core stuff, Damon = hardcore music (fair play but i personally dont wanna listen to the music, im more watching the video for style) Danny Mac = smooth music, would suit his riding style best, but he can still go big.


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danny all the way....

oh i had him last weekend(but fraser spooned him) :$

big credit to damon though---he can sidehop for fun

to be fair though danny is super impressed and super humbled by most the vidio's and stuff he see's

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I like the way you worded the title. "rather see a video of.."

I haven't watched much of Danny's but it's clear i would rather watch his stuff. Just because everything he does tends to be a little more mixed up. I mean if you were to watch Damon you know it will be big sidehops and gaps but that would be it as that's what he does.

To be fair it is what sort of riding your actually into. Take some of the people who chose Danny they tend to be into more of the freestyle trials than pure sidehop and gaps.

Damon rides the bike he does because he's into the actual trials moves. But i guess if he wanted to ride freestyle trials then he would ride a bike with a lower bb.

The problem being is one style is very repetive so watching other stuff tends to be more fun to watch.

But like you said which would "you rather see a video of..." so i guess there isn't no debate needing to be done.

Just goes to show that most of us aren't pure trials riders. I know i'm far from it.

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