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    Had an Identiti The Judge when I made this profile, seems like a daft name now...
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  1. Fancied trying something a bit longer than my short Control, so got this frame on eBay. The longer wheelbase and slightly higher bb feels a bit funny at the minute, but I've only had a quick ride on it in the garden up to now. I'll be sorting out the bolt on the topcap when I can.
  2. On One 456 Carbon and a Sab Classico
  3. Looks like it would be fun to ride. Hope you make a speedy recovery!
  4. Dusted the old trials bike off the other day after not using it for a while. Took it to Lee Quarry yesterday and had some good fun. Hoping to get back into it!
  5. The Bourne Identity/Supremecy etc are pretty decent, quite a bit different from the films too.....
  6. Paramore - Emergency Top stuff
  7. I thought that was called a boon? I might be wrong.... Or that might be what he means....
  8. That looks bloody lovely !
  9. Pretty good little vid there Red jumpsuit apparatus are ace too
  10. this thread makes me sad i really want a bmx nowww
  11. Looks pretty cool Maybe if you did the bars white too it would look it a bit better though
  12. Exit Ten
  13. beast
  14. He has though, fair enough it's only his opinion, but it is based on something
  15. Msn

    aaaah you mean borrowers