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Grandads Owning Ps2 + Xbox

Tom Taylor

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A humerous situation which happened with the granfolks...

Gran was sat at home on the PC, Grandad was at work. She did something and got an 'Illegal Operation' and rang my Grandad at work, panicing because she thought the police were going to come round.


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My grandads a genious. He builds computers me thinks. He's brilliant in that way but i feel that he can sometimes loose it when staring at the screen. It makes me laugh. On msn talking to him whilst he had his webcam on and he fell asleep at the computer. that was so funny.

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This thread is full of geniouses



pluralisation of this does not conform to the standard us - ii thing, because there is a greek god called genii. although it can be both, you will sound silly.

that is all.

back on topic.

everyone else seems to have cooler grandparents than me.

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