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Clement Moreno


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This guy’s style was slightly better to watch in that he didn’t have many set up or correction hops/movements. He could work on his manuals though. The, "only being able to manual by leaning back and dragging the back brake", style looks bad imo. A real manual shouldn’t require a brake - only balance.

As for the video - the Danny Mac tricks in an interesting location has been done to death.

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Still amazes me how the French turned about 3-4 tricks into an entire riding "type"

You have a bike capable of turning just about any street set up into a playground yet you use it for what's basically 90% flatland tricks

Good video but this cookie cutter sh*t needs to stop or the riding won't progress any further...

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The guy clearly has capability on a bike, it is just a shame I feel he uses this to learn show boating rather than some more traditional trials moves to support turning show boating into something of more substance, 3-4 typical trials moves in there which were pretty weak in required capability- on a more positive note, it kept me occupied from work for a few minutes.....

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A big thing for me in videos is music, and this song is really bland, I think they tried going for the epic feel but only Danny's really pulled that off.

They could easily trim that to 3min 30 and use an upbeat song, it'd make the exact same clips so much more fun to watch. No one needs a 90 second intro.

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