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James Barton - Back on it


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That was f**king sexual.

Its awesome to see a full on TGS rider disappear for years (grow a pony tail :P) then come back with a totally new style as good as that.

The nose bonk bars I just had to shake my head at. You're what I would call a "Dirty b*****d" for pulling that. A dirty, dirty b*****d. Also liked the line at 1.15. The 360 drop to back wheel to 180 off onto the beach! (Y)


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Ok James, now that's a come back!

I want your riding skills, I want your sexiness and I want the name of that tune aswell!!!

That was crazy good. There was some big moves, it was impossible to predict most of your lines and it's just so cool to see something new from you.

I still remeber seeing you in Belgium, killing those UCI rocks.

Keep up the good work

edit: ok I found the tune name, my bad :P

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