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New Simtra Products!


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Hi everybody,

Just wanted to let you know that we have just released our new trial bar and stem. They should land at Tarty in the next few days.

McSpander Bars

Our 7075-T6 McSpander bars are wide. If 780mm seems a bit wide for your liking, you've got plenty room for cutting the bars narrower!

Available in Black, White or Copper brown



Designed for use with 31.8 handlebars, the Re'Sy'Stem is perfectly suited for trials. 115mm x 15°, light, stiff and strong.

Available in Black or White



For more info, visit www.simtrabikes.com or www.simtrabikes.co.uk as well as the Tarty Site.




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They look pretty nice, matey :) . But, if you ask me, putting that 'Simtra' logo at the end of the bar like that seems a bit pointless seeing as people will be running grips over it.

It's like me going out and buying an inner tube just because it is red :S .



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Let's see the integrated booster and a figure for the weight??

edit also the tensioner (Y)

I reckon the tensioner is there because they've used the dropouts from the stock frames. I imagine one-off dropouts can't be very cheap! The production might have horizontal dropouts, will wait to see what Mr. Simtra says.

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Since it is still in proto, there is no weight or no definitve finish product. I am not too sure about this horizontal mount thing, because vertical is really less of a hassle. Just put your wheel in and it is done. This is bike is in fact like a mini stock as you can run gears if you want, multitude of hubs as it is a 135mm spacing. But like i said nothing is definitive.

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Here is a picture of the tensionner. It is home made by james.


Here is what the geo looks like so far for the proto.

+55mm bb

1015mm wb

360mm cs

71 degree head angle

MOD is a full proto, nothing is set on it. Apart that for sure I am going with 135mm spacing and that the TT will have a curve to match the ST-1.

James and Jeff who are testing these and they will report back and changes will be made as per there recommendation.

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