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  1. Myself and Aaron Browne run Maxxis Holly Rollors on ours. We both find them ok for street and natural, but depending on what PSI you run you would probably run something with a thicker sidewall. I tend to use 60 PSI in mine so it rolls faster and I can feel every bump. If I did comps again which I may do the odd one this year. I'd probably run MAXXIS HIGH rollers F/R in single wall. Just to keep the weight down. I did use a double a few years back on a megamo which felt ok, but I like to save weight these days.
  2. Also fit wider washers on top of the caliper with the bolts.
  3. If you want to keep the cost down stick with shimano. I've had plenty of time to experiment on a few different ones, from 4 piston shimano saints new/old calipers and the new zee ones. The only main thing I found why so many people have snapped calipers thinking they were weak isn't the problem. It's down to the amount of force and strength in that area on the back brake. First you need a Fat Hayes disc brake adaptor mount, so it takes away the shock using a 203mm rotor. Once you have this you can run any style in there range. My setup atm is a shimano 4piston zee caliper on the rear, and a Shimano 2piston M506 ( deore ) front. Running the Shimano M506 deore levers in black. I also decided earlier this year to try 2piston on the front to reduce the power, but still keep some bight on the pads. Pads F/R are EBC red pads, always ran them and have been brilliant. Hope that helps
  4. Yo Guys So its been a while since i released a video, ive collected a few clips over the past year or two and managed to gain a bit more over this summer. Thanks too Marinobikes, Aaron Browne and James Parr for Filming/Editing, Enjoy.
  5. Thanks for the comments guys. I do have a New video in the pipeline which will be a lot longer and show more of my technical riding style. Cheers
  6. Went for a pedal around Barry Island on Saturday
  7. I'll be there.
  8. On my 26/24inch Marinobikes I'm currently running a BBB stem which is 90/35 Rise (they go for around £20 on eBay) in 25.4 but u will need 31.8 which they do. Very gd quality and quite popular for anyone who wants to save abit of money. I ran a hex with a 70/35 aswell, which felt great to help make the bike feel shorter. But if u want abit more room for gaps I'd go for the 90/35. Would love a 80/35, but u can't get any. Think Ali C runs a Xtreme stem 80/40 31.8 clamp only. so u can take away most of the stackers, which is a great idea. They come from Rose-bikes in Germany.
  9. Shimano saint brakes. EBC Red pads. 180,185 or 203mm Rotors. Best setup I've ever run, brakes will bed in. But i add alittle bit of water too the Calipers/rotors to get them going quicker.
  10. Southerndown in south wales, 10/15mins from PORTHCAWL.
  11. Should be afew of us from wales coming down for Sunday.
  12. Nice buddy, liked the quick pedal stroke move. Really need to come up and ride soon this summer.
  13. Looks awesome. What time is gd to turnup if we wana camp Friday evening?
  14. I've been running one of Euan's axle's for afew years and it is a great piece of work. Think he charges about £25-£30 for one. Just look him up on Fb and he'll sort u out.
  15. EBC RED PADS, everyone is mostly using these. I have a set for my shimano saint brakes and SLX brakes like yours that u have purchased, also they bed in very quicky. If u have a push pin which u bend the end to hold the pads in. I have replaced it with a threaded bolt and nylon nut, which u can pickup anywhere from a Engineer hardware store. It's so the pads don't wobble in the calipers. Its a gd cheat for those brakes.