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  1. Still looks pretty close. If you took the the none drive side washer out and put it in the drive side with the other washers it should give you even more clearance. Or get a metal/aluminium washer the same thickness as all three (because those plastic ones can be rubbish to tighten further then you want. Try some single speed washers off a freewheel like this. That's what I run, and you can tighten it as much as possible
  2. In the past I've taken a Hope rear sprocket spacer from a hope free wheel that you get with a new hub, added that instead of the plastic spacers that come with Shimano bb. Only because they crush quite easily. Plus as the Dave + Ali have said as well, I've also added the spacer on the crank axle to help. But from looking at your cranks now I wouldn't of filed the tabs for the bolts, only because they maybe more weak now and your chain may rub on the bolts holding your bashguard.
  3. I rode with these brakes earlier this year too see what the bite was like as there just 2 piston. I'm back on Zee's now as I like a bit more hold. What I can suggest is too buy some EBC red pads too fit and give more hold, these what size rotors do you run? If your running 203mm, a lot of people break calipers because of the less strength in standard brake adaptors. If you Get one of these It will take the strain off One last thing, too stop the pads rocking I tapped out the holes where the axle pin for the pads go and fitted one of these too stop the pads from rocking, this
  4. Ditto, think I still got some pairs
  5. Think I got a pace boxed stem lying about. I'll try dig it out plus some azonic bars.
  6. I think Ben prefers to run that setup to have less sensitive braking. I rode with him a few weeks back in Bristol and he said he didn't mind the setup but when I had a go on his bike I preferred more locking power on the rear brake compared to his being less. 4piston calipers will always give you a better lock. But I also went back too 2piston on a cheap pair of Shimano deore brakes myself. Only thing I did was make the setup on them as best as I could. Taped out the pin holder for the pads so I could put a threaded one in to stop the rocking of the pads and fit Red EBC pads. There was more sensitive braking on the front brake as it's on the back of the fork which was great and perfect but you could feel the difference compared too the rear as there's not so much. As long as you get a FAT rear brake adapter just incase you snap a Caliper while running large rotors, 203mm magura or Shimano one, and pads of your choice (mine have always been EBC off eBay) then it will all work.
  7. No problem, also with many magura calipers they don't come with this threaded pad pin to stop the pads rocking. this will fit magura as well as the standard Shimano calipers.
  8. Magura EBC Red or magura Trialtech pads are a good choice of brake pads for extra bite. Also if you go too a 203mm rotor, it would be best to upgrade the rear brake adaptor to a much fatter one to take the strain off the bite and flex. It because a lot of people have broken there calipers from upgrading too larger rotors. This type will help
  9. Similar geo to my Marino, would like to see more pictures in colour.
  11. Ebay or Amazon , search EBC Red Shimano Saint pads. Best ones I've ever ran, also work in the wet aswell. There very bitey constantly, they cost between £9 too £12 a pair.
  12. It's your ratchet that's rounded inside the body of the hub, I've had the same issue. Go onto hope tech website, fill out the warranty form and print it off. Box the hub up with the form and send it to there address. If the body of the hub is in warranty then they will replace the body and ratchet under warranty. If not then you will probably have to buy a New body for £30 I think. I've sent one back last year and had to pay as it was out if date. But fingers crossed yours isn't. Hope That helps
  13. Sure dude, take you some local trails
  14. If you got the bike with you dude pop down porthcawl.
  15. I'm probably heading over to Bristol either sat or Sunday to ride with @ben_travis as he's down atm. I might be able to ride as well. Depends which day, I live 20mins from Cardiff.