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  1. Is 36h significantly stronger than 32h? edit: dbag, I missed it.
  2. F1

  3. holy shit, does anyone listen to the dollop podcast? The blackwater episode is off the chart cuckoo bananas.
  4. They just have so little power. In the next gen it’s like 250kw for an 800kg car. Given the city hairpin circuit layouts I’d guess that my mates kit car might give them a good run for their money.
  5. Agree - I started watching some the other day. It’s embarrassingly slow, and unnecessarily so. i guess it’s easier to sell to crappy city tracks if they can barely break the speed limits.
  6. Ours get around it by only allowing 30 hours to go to 3 10 hour days... we have 8 hour days...
  7. Yeah we get two grand knocked off from tax-free, but having to pay for bank holidays when they don’t open is a pisstake. as soon as our next mortgage is in place I think Claire is going to drop days at work as we would still get just over 2 grand off through tax credits. I feel like I’d rather be even poorer and one of us had a better life balance. We would be 100% f**ked if we had another. I feel maxed out on effort/energy/money as it is!
  8. Nursery’s. Not only do I have to pay them when he doesn’t need to go in the holidays, I have to pay them when they are f**king closed. Total year1 nearly twelve and a half grand ...
  9. Baby driver was great.
  10. Fixed my airplay headphone amp issues massive win.
  11. Just to check- it’s a parcel you sent yes?
  12. Managed to start the lister st2 generator at my sisters barn project. It’s been left for 2+ years, and all the auto start stuff is boned/flat. Hand crank like a b*****d, wedge throttle with a stick and drop the hammer. Chug chug chug.... pretty cool.
  13. Liam Gallaghers album. The Welsh. (In Cardiff) Dicks at work. Dbags parking on double yellows in a cycle lane.
  14. is that the only film you have ever seen? Mindhorn was a good laugh.