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My 26" Marino

Ross McArthur

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Thanks for the positive responses peeps.

The Geo is 1060, +20, 71, 380.

I was considering spraying the bash black but that would ruin the mother f**king coolness of the gold Ard Guard! It goes with the Ti bolts on the Pashley forks anyway. Whats that you say, Ti bolts on Pashley forks - pointless? Never!

I ordered the frame having in mind I would like to at least try a V. I just need a proper set up with linear slick cable and metal backings and what not so its decent enough to stop me when needs be.

I thought id try and be a Mac.....I mean, a Man, and run a 22:16 ratio but turns out my spindly legs just don’t want to entertain that set up. Will have to go lighter.

As for the bar and stem Ben, you're right, it needs to be higher. I got a 100mm head tube (rather small) so thats why the spacers are all clogged up in there taking up the slack.


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Looks good,

I miss my MHZ!

Is this aswell as the 24 or to replace the 24?


How many spare bike bits do you think I have Kenny?!

Looks the bees knees ^_^ ,are they the oddyssey twisted pedals ? what are grip on them like ? im considering buying some.


I think they are Gusset pedals. They dont have metal pins in them anyway. It all depends on what trainers you have on. Run normal skate shoes like I do and you'll be fine for grip, just not when its soaking wet.

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Looks absolutely faaaantastic!

I was going to spend some money blinging up my XC bike but after looking at your pictures I'm really seriously considering to use the money to get something like this.

Everything about that bike appeals to me.

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