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How Much Of Your Time Goes On The Bike?



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  1. 1. How many hours of actual riding per week?

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Just now, I got curious as to what the average sort of riding-time per week is for other people. Had a quick search and didn't find anything, so I made a poll.

This does NOT include fixing/maintenance of bikes, or travel. Just the actual riding.

Think I'm about 24/25 hours a week.

And you?

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I'm under the 5 hours trials at the moment, but most of the time I spend out at the moment is riding solo, so I can get the same amount of actual riding done in an hour as I manage in 2 or 3 hours with a group (Based on how sore my hands are afterwards anyway). For the last couple of months I've been digging trails for at least 5 or 6 hours on Saturdays for an XC race we're holding soon, and I'd usually spend a chunk of that riding trials, so I'd probably get over the 5 hours a week provided the weather wasn't completely foul.

I also spend at least 4 hours riding XC, an hour and a quarter a week commuting by bike, at least 1 hour swimming and about 2 hours a week doing circuit training. I think for trials it's very hard to get the fitness you need just by riding trials - it makes sense to do a bit of everything. It also means if you pick up an injury you've got a better chance of finding something you can still do to stay some way active while it heals. But then given I turned 31 this year, I may have started to get sensible in my old age :)...

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Jealous of how much you guys get to ride! :(

I was thinking the same! I remember when I was younger riding for 4-5 hours each night after school (homework was far less a priority than riding :P)

These days I'm lucky to get out for even a couple of hours a week. Gives me an excuse for being rubbish though so it's ok :giggle:

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Probably 5-9.9 hours a week, usually after school for about an hour or two, nearly everyday if i can, mostly on the trials bike. But the XC bike usually sees about 2-4 hours of use during the week and about 5 hours at the weekend depending on the weather. Exams are coming to an end now too so that means more time on the bike! :lol:

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20-24 hrs for me, insane amount of time i put into ridiing :)

im a true rider :lol:

i do about 3 hours after school days and about 6 or more hours on saturday and sunday. Always shattered :lol:

EDIT: This is a very good topic, i will be watching over to see the riding times vary, it should be interesting.

Great idea for a topic mate (Y)

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