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Adding Grip To Pallets/Sleepers


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So guys, what is the cheapest way to add grip to my trials course? The ground around it is wet but the pallets and sleepers are only slightly damp but as they're a little greasy they're slippery as fook.

What is the best solution for adding grip so I can ride?

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What's the cheapest solution?

Would the carpet not be slippery when wet?

Sure I remember someone mentioning textured paint a while back but is that super expensive?

They use carpet quite a bit on the corners of logs and such at comps in the wet.

Sod buying expensive paint - just throw sand into normal paint. All the tables and platforms of Andrei's demo rig are a sand/paint mix, works really well.

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In the barn we mixed grit/ sand and emulsion paint. It mixes and applies easy but took 2 weeks to fully dry because of the moisture in the air in winter. By this time we had worn out the paint so it does work but use an outdoor paint which will dry overnight or something :)

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