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The Food You Ate Thread

Egg Fried Rice

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hey there

what food did you eat today?

today i have eaten:

Breakfast - Coco pops lol

Lunch - Nothing

Dinner - aromatic duck, sweet and sour chicken, fish, rice (rice or noodles? welcome to the everyday trauma of a chinamans life)

In between all that i had lots of junk food like 2 packets of maryland cookies whcih are so addictive! crips (walker sensations woo). For fruit my mum made me eat 2 bananas, 1 apple and an orange.



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So far ive had in the following order :turned: :





Some peice of a twix.

Cheese and bean's toastie...Twice cos' there soo damm nice.



Some cheap sweet's which are too nice.

Iam just about to eat my dinner now,So yeah....

P.s Normally if I stay in I eat chocolate all day and find it hard to roam around the house because of that..

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today, ive had 1 tescos tuna and sweetcorn salad(the 98p version, as the £1.69 version contains nasty peppers)

tomato soup, with bread roll, and fried bread croutons

lamb dinner, with assorted veg

blackcurrant cheesecake

4 1/2's of coke.

then since i came back home, ive had 2 feaster double chocolate and raisin bars, and 5 caramac kit kats. purely cos there addictive.

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Some nasty chicken and roasted garlic pasta

Egg sarney

3 oranges

3 bottles of lucozade

2 pints of amstel

2 double vodka kicks

pork and vegetables for tea

a 12" marareta pizza just around 20 mins ago

and a bottle of coke

Healthy my arse... hehe

Oh yeah, and 3 joints aswell, gave me the f**king munchies!

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Had a pizza for dinner tonight and i can feel the grease digesting lol. Yesterday was a bad day i had 2 bacon double cheese burger meels (one at 4ish and another about midnight) and in between had a chinky and fish and chips at my friends (home made fish and chips so i hope theyre not as bad for me) i'll probably have a heart atack tonight my highland body wont be able to cope with all the crap. Back to mince and tattie tomorow night i would say

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I was healthy and didn't have KFC like the other riders on the ride.

Starved myself today :lol:, had a 6" subway BLT and a load of Soreen (buffting)

Not gonna eat fast food for as long as i can, hopefully never again.

Just because it came in a processed sandwitch form doesn't make it healthy.

I had today;

Cuppa T,

Left over pizza from last night,

Cuppa T,

Instant noodles,


Slice of cake,

Can of VB (Victoria Bitter)

Can of VB (Victoria Bitter)

Can of VB (Victoria Bitter)

Can of VB (Victoria Bitter)

Can of VB (Victoria Bitter)

Can of VB (Victoria Bitter)

Burget fro ma take awayt

Can of VB (Victoria Bitter)

slive of pizza

Can of VB (Victoria Bitter)

Can of VB (Victoria Bitter)

Can of VB (Victoria Bitter)

Can of VB (Victoria Bitter)

Can of VB (Victoria Bitter)

Gonna go find something to ewat...

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today ive had nothing yet

yesterday on the other hand..... lol

started work, munched on onion rings whenever i felt

break time, bacon quarter cheese medium chips and coke

finished work and went riding, ended up in a kfc with about 11 riders me and chai shared a family bucket of chicken together 4 pieces of chicken each, 2 portions of chips each, a side each and .75l of pepsi each lol


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i found a loaf of bread someone baked by the toaster this morning, so im eating 4 pieces of that. can't taste any posion yet (Y)

umm probs have cheese on toast for dinner, maybe some cheesestrings (WAHAAAH!!!) not allowed to drink coke so im on the flavoured sparkling water as my preferred beverage :P

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2 boiled eggs with toasted wheaten bread followed by half a grape fruit for breakfast.

Cracker bread with Tesco onion and chive cottage cheese for morning snack.

Chicken breast and veg followed by half a grape fruit for lunch.

So far so good.

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Yeasterday i had :

Cuppa tea

2 bagels

a glass of O-J

2 sausage and egg rolls

some salad

a crunchie

salt and vinegar crisps

half a kit kat

a few thieved chips

half rack of ribs mmmmmmmmm....................

curley fries

a pint of lemonade

two cheeseburgers from maccy d's

large fries


6 nuggets

and a cherry bakewell

oooh im a healthy shite

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3 bits of bacon, 2 eggs, 2 toast, mushrooms. Had the same for breakfast every day (bar probably about 14) for around a year now. Finally putting on some weight! woop.

Ermmm...........You might want to keep an eye on your heart.


Bowl of Shreddies (Yum)

1/2 pack of bourbon creams

coronation chicken sandwich

backwell slice

caramel shortbread

curry from yesturday

egg sandwich

1/2 pack of jaffa cakes

am about to have:

Pork, mash and peas

packet of Walkers (chicken)

and possibly finish off the jaffa cakes before bed.

Not too bad considering I've only left my room to obtain these foods (Damn project deadline)

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