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  1. If I hadn't already had a wedding you'd be high on the list
  2. I thought the same. 14th on this list: http://www.alltime-athletics.com/m4x100ok.htm
  3. One day...
  4. They're taking the "n+1" thing about the perfect number of bikes to own a bit too seriously.
  5. Oh, Chris
  6. Ew. I didn't even do this when I worked there, and I'm an active member... be ashamed of your forum spam.
  7. I haven't watched the video, based on the fact I've found nearly all of his content annoying in some way and the spiffing reviews here, but this sort of comment always cracks me up. It's a video based around doing tricks on a bike. If you're looking for purpose you're in the wrong place.
  8. I think you're doing a disservice to the rocking chair there Ross.
  9. Any of you MX5 owners got a usable roof that you've upgraded from that you might be looking to sell? Mines pretty tatty and leaks, but I'm trying not to spend proper money on the car. Don't trust used ones from strangers, but you lot are just strange so that's ok.
  10. I now have a freshly undersealed Land Rover. I patched 13 holes in that chassis - which I wouldn't have done if I'd known there were 13 when I started! Just got to find another wheel and tyre to match the 3 I have and it'll be MOT time
  11. I welded 12 holes up on my Land Rover chassis today. Didn't take any pictures, probably for the best. Probably should have just bought a new chassis, but wanted to repair for fun. It's finally ready to get sealed up underneath and put some wheels back on it, after about 2 years on axle stands...
  12. They should probably stick to making FIFA.
  13. So you could say we wore it out?
  14. I can't remember why but I looked for that a couple of years back and couldn't find it
  15. "Hey, what's your friends dog called?" "Askum" "I could, but I'm asking you."