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  1. Yea it's all tongue in cheek. We've just finally bought a place, doing small stuff around the house now is great knowing it's ours. Although your improvement isn't to my tastes, I can see how it's a massive deal because it's a big improvement. Enjoy!
  2. You guys are so exciting. (he says...)
  3. I had to replace the seal on the one at the old place before we left. That's a job I'd rather not do again...
  4. You wanna talk about alignment?
  5. I'm not crying. You're crying.
  6. 2 vehicles to MOT this month. The dead cert just failed and cost me £600, bring on the expensive one!
  7. I've been banished to the man cave so I've spent the night being passively agressive to many online. No-ones bitten. Youre all cunts.
  8. I believe it says "The humans are dead"
  9. No apologising for posting that beast, and don't stop either!
  10. Probably worth giving Euan a shout on FB if you have it and him. That seems to be his bag.
  11. Thanks for the advice all. I thought "f**k it, it's an old Land Rover, I'll give it a go as is first" and it went first time. Smoky as f**k, but hopefully that'll ease off once I can give it a run.
  12. Diesel engines thatve sat for a while (couple of years) but were fine beforehand. What should I look at to get it started? Currently charging the battery but just preempting any issues. Should I be dropping the fuel for fresh stuff for instance?
  13. Did you cut the keyboard and the can in the same project, or were they done separately?
  14. Lol. 'My side', while saying I ride without brakes. I'm out on this one, just to save you making yourself look like more of an idiot.
  15. In opposite land, maybe. But actually I was saying the cyclist was being treated fairly - which is what they all want. 'Fair' has both negative possibilities as well as positive ones. Cyclists want - quite rightly - to be treated fairly in terms of space on the roads, but that means taking the negatives with class too. You are exactly what I'm talking about - an entitled prat who only wants the positive side and as such can't see that the cyclist was in the wrong. I ride without brakes, if I hit someone it's my fault and I'll take my punishment.