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  1. First brew in my new brewery is in the bag. Lots of mistakes but great to get it done after months of building.
  2. ¡El curbio!
  3. I'd personally advocate getting two sets if you're using them for the gym. I have a set of these which do perfectly well for gym work where quality doesn't matter too much and I don't have to worry about them getting ruined. Then I have a set of these for everything else. Not getting bluetooth these days is an odd decision in my humble opinion. I was forced into it by the iPhone 7 (which was uncool, Apple) but I'm glad it happened because it's a much more convenient system. Charging just isn't an issue for me, I plug stuff in at night and it's good to go the next day. I don't need to charge the gym ones more than once a week.
  4. Wonder why they’re closing...
  5. Yes. Ben. I dont really watch many riding videos these days (Instagram: f**k you.) so it was great to catch this. Well worth the effort.
  6. Most days you couldn’t pay me enough to have a McDonald’s, but some days I’d sell everything I own for a Big Tasty.
  7. It’s the only bit that’s made me tempted so far.
  8. Basic process is: Sketch out idea Show it to target market, get feedback Build 'MVP' (minimum viable product) which doesn't even necessarily need to work Show it to target market, get feedback Take feedback to someone with some cash, relinquish them of their cash and use it to build first version of full product ??? Profit Feel free to PM me if you want to give some details, I haven't got time or inclination to steal it
  9. I’m sure we were saying this in 2005 too, but you don’t see enough no-footed endos anymore.
  10. Reddit?
  11. Nah, the other right knee.
  12. Gud.
  13. Another “haven’t been since I was 16” here, 31 now. It comes up now and again that I should go, and I should, but I don’t. Similar to you Tom I gave up years ago and promised myself veneers when I could afford it. Probably best to just go see about private like Ali described and make the best of this bad lot...
  14. I was wondering how he managed to get a 100% increase, but you went one further!
  15. Flip a coin, if you’re disappointed with the result then you know you should choose the other colour.