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  1. Bio oil is the shit. My face would look even worse without that stuff.
  2. The last time I wanted a requested picture this much I was probably 16 and holding a sock. I’m not currently holding a sock, or 16 Your f**king veg patch Dave. Upload a picture. Stick to one of your values of transparency rather than talking through a filter of drug fuelled bullshit. It’s so frustrating, because I respect people who believe in stuff as much as you seem to - even if I completely disagree with their beliefs like I do with yours. But you lost all potential of that respect by talking the talk and then f**king off for 6 months when asked to walk the walk. You don’t even talk the talk that well.
  3. I don’t think I’ve ever had that many pending messages, you popular thing you.
  4. You’re so popular.
  5. I do: /r/niceguys
  6. The food you grow. A picture. It’s not difficult. You lot just love to take the high ground (f**king LOL at mentioning your IQ by the way, which one of the elite tests did you take, designed by the elite you so depise?) but then won’t come through with a shred of personal evidence to back up the simplest claim. Feeding yourself isn’t groundbreaking, and you’re against secrets, so why the secretism about your setup?
  7. Dave. You get what transparency means, right? If you’re so transparent, let’s see a pic of your fungus patch. No, not that one, the one you grow your food in. Stop being so opaque to a real simple request for information from Luke - being as transparency is what you’re all about.
  8. He’s actually leading the “number of converts” table among his peers too, with a whopping zero converts. I’m going to regret this, but why is crypto currency bad Dave? I thought you were against centralisation and the Rothschilds owning enough that they can poison us from the skies?
  9. As in Northerners don’t like it?
  10. That’s exactly what a robot would write about watching a human, and exactly how a robot would write it. I still have my doubts about you, Rusevelt.
  11. Gin’s awesome. My favourite thing about gin is that Mrs D doesn’t like it, so there’s more for me. We agreed this year not to get anything for each other, so I’ve bought her a replacement for the super cheap engagement ring I gave her a fair few years ago now. No, I’m not sure why I did it either. The replacement, I mean.
  12. Great vid Karl, and awesome riding as ever from Cocky
  13. Also, don't expect to end up in a relationship. There is the chance that you'll be alone forever.
  14. I've been working on getting ready for the arrival of a log cabin I'll be using as a brewery. It was originally meant to turn up on Tuesday, but they cancelled because of the snow. Pain in the arse, because I'd taken the day off and it was a great day here for filming for the progress on the YouTube channel. Never mind though, they re-organised for today and said they'd be here at 7:30am. That's also a pain in the arse, because for the first time in yonks Mrs D has gone out for the weekend leaving me and the little 'un on our own. So we get up at 6ish this morning so we can get through all the morning stuff before the arrival time. They're still not here, and the office isn't open on Sundays to find out what's going on. Very frustrating.
  15. If they can’t take a complaint they should probably go back to squirting water out of flowers anyway.