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  1. I wouldn't have even considered that based on the paint job alone! Each to their own
  2. It will. It always does. People are too lazy to hold anyone responsible, because it involves someone doing some work instead of just whinging.
  3. Doesn't count anyway, the hose is easily replaced. If you meant it, you'd cut through both the cylinders. If you were super serious, you'd cut it into ~2cm cubes and then put it in a blender just to f**k the blender up too.
  4. Watched T2, not the terminator one. Not awful, but definitely just an homage film rather than a sequel.
  5. I just hang around here out of habit, I think you're all a bunch of twats. Not really, I love most of you.
  6. Long shot, but I'd whip the case off to check there's not another SN sticker on the inside. That, or the other option is to flash it with some other router software which'll be better than the stuff on it anyway.
  7. If you go down that route too you might be able to negotiate a bit to offset some of the interest. If you offered £6900 or something for the years rent in advance you might even end up better off. That said, landlords and agents can be pretty tough to negotiate with.
  8. F1

    In other news, the bookies are saying that the track is likely to be below the sky tomorrow, and that Barcelona will still be in Spain.
  9. Did I mention here that I'd joined the hairdressers crew? It's a proper shit heap, has no power (90bhp 1.6), and handles like shit (understeer on right handers especially, so new shocks in its near future), but it makes me smile every time I drive the 10 minutes to or from the new office with the top down and the wind flowing through my obviously luscious locks.
  10. I've always wanted to change my interior from sepia to slightly under saturated colour. Will changing the gearstick help?
  11. What size are they? He says, sitting in East Sussex.
  12. Make sure everything bought is the same height and put the mattress on top?
  13. Why can my middle of the range TV stream 4K with no problems then? Serious question, not trying to be an arse. I think it was about £700, and streams 4K from Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube with no problems directly on the TV.
  14. Agreed. If you want a hand with some event tracking to see how people interact with the site though give me a shout. That's assuming you don't have things in place already!
  15. It's pronounced "bodyweight exercises".