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If You Could Go Anywhere In The World


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Well... i have NOT planed my hollidays yet... and i wonder what to do this summer....

Im hoping to go somewhere ive never been before but im out of ideas...

Places ive already thought of.... Barcelona / Spain, France, UK (im going there but not im my main holliday), Russia, Latvia

So im basically asking for help....

If money, plane, time etc etc..... was not a problem... WHERE would you go to ride...!??

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I'm driving around Europe all summer this year, with my Inspired and my cameras in the boot, so i'll be riding most of france, italy, switzerland, belgium, germany etc. Will be good to see where some of the best spots are. So far the places i'm most looking forward to are Paris street, Milan and Rome. I'll be stopping at Buthiers on the way as i've never been there but im not that excited about it.

Italy will be my highlight i imagine.

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id say china (Y)

Dave x

China is pretty good. Been there 2 months (for school attachment) and hung around with this trials guy and a few local skaters.

Just don't enter pubs and engage in hookers - they will con you and squeeze every cent out of you.

For beers just get them from the supermarket. A medium-sized bottle costs about GBP 0.30!

I would go to the UK for me.

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tarty whare house look good,and so does the trials park that ryan leech ride in during his videos (Y)

Haha, i sir have lived your dream. I have been :P (Tart bit like)

anyware you say.. has to be Australia :) Everytime.

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