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Too Old?

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This sport really seems to be dominated by the teens. I'm currently 24 and looking to start riding trials. Do you think there is an age at which point you shouldn't try to get into something like trials? I have seen a few people who say they are 40 or so but the majority are teens it seems.

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As long as your fit enough and up to it then i would say your never to old.

Exactly :)

I turned 29 a week ago and Im now riding better than I ever have - still crap though, can only backwheel 6 pallets :(

As long as youre in reasonably good condition theres no reason why you cant, your body will adapt over time so it doesnt ache after each ride :D

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Doesn't matter what age you are!

And 24 isn't old! Bessel was 22 the other day, loads of other top riders are in their early/middle 20's, and Mr Ashton is 36 or there abouts :P

As long as you enjoy what you're doing, do it until you physically can't :)


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I'm 45 and heavy b**ger (6ft, 95kgs), just bought my first trials bike (been riding motorbikes for too many years). I am so enjoying the new bike. An hour down the local park a few time a week and I'm a happy bunny. Always improving, always aching.


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Yeah you're WAY too old to be sarting trials, don't even consider it.

I'm kidding, i'm 34 and been at it just over 2 years and not stopping any time soon. I don't bounce back from falls quite as well as I used to but couldn't imagine doing much else with my spare time. Am pretty sure i'm older than Ashton too.

Get into it!

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i didnt start until i was 20 and apart from being summat great to do with my time and spend stupid amounts of money on, ive got some really good friends from riding. do it. granted it does hurt more when you fall, but at least you can buy beer to numb the pain :D

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I dont think there's an age limit to riding trials or starting up from fresh. I'm 26 and i'm hoping to be riding trials till i die, as long you've got two legs, two arms and some reasonably big balls the limits are endless.

I'd definately advise finding some guys to ride with though. When i started me and my mate were the only ones in the area riding trials which made learning new tricks really difficult. The learning process is definately much quicker if you can learn off others.

Get yourself along to one of the organised rides..at least if you cant do any of the tricks, speaking to other trials riders and just watching will help a lot.


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Never to old!!!!!!!!!

37 getting better with age just like a fine wine.


You keep telling yourself that john YOU KEEP TELLING YOUR SELF :S


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