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The god damn rain.


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When will it end?


Saying it's going to last "a depressingly long time", "whole of February" and "going to get worse before it gets better"


I'm so fed up of this weather. How is everyone else dealing with it?

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Somerset is under water, though luckily both Taunton and Bridgwater are unaffected. The general mood down 'ere is pretty grim though!

Business in the cycle industry is slooooow as no-one is riding, so work is very quiet. Being mail order though we've still got plenty of export orders going out

Rain and mental winds are lame. I pretty much only ride natural, either Dartmoor or coastal rocks in Devon - both of which have been a no-go since before Christmas. It's cool me and Joe have got an indoor barn set up in Newton Abbot (Pete Rew's dad if anyone remembers him from the old comp circuit), but even that is getting tiresome - always riding within the same 4 walls......

f**k Winter

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In the winter there were multiple days when I was like: hey the sun is shining, lets have a ride on my bike!

Went home, prepared the bike,and there is a massive cloud with huge wind and rain....

badly. really badly

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I'm so fed up of this weather. How is everyone else dealing with it?

I've generally found staying away from the media works wonders for it. (....and most other things)

But yeah, it is starting to suck a little. Since starting my new job I've had a total of 4 drives in or out in the dry. I definitely picked the right time to switch to a desk job!

Luckily we've had a couple of Sundays where there's just been light showers so I've got out on my off-road bike on the hills. The trails are completely sodden, but it's still great fun.

Thankfully I'm in the same situation as Josh in that, despite being in Somerset, I'm basically unaffected by the floods, the biggest inconvenience so far's been turning around and taking a less than 1 mile detour once, and driving through a couple of floods that only just reached over my tyres. All my life's based in Chard/Taunton and a little in Bristol, Chard's 300 feet above the levels, and Taunton 100, with my drive between the two going up from that height to over 1000 feet.

We did have the power go out at work for about an hour earlier, hopefully that won't happen often as we're 100% dependent on the computers to get anything done.

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