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Competition: Photoshop Kings & Artists Apply Within


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I'd really like to improve on the sunset banner on my website at the moment, but am hampered by a distinct lack of Photoshop skills!

Consider this an open offer for production of a better banner for my website with the reward of free CNC red Vee or Magura brake pads + major kudos for the design used. It really should have one of more close ups of some recognised HSB components plus integrated in a photo of a Coustellier (recognisably so) their logo, plus room for the same stuff as present: address + email, blank bit at the bottom which the horizontal menu sits on.

Current banner - Plus check it out on the site to see how the horiz menu sits on the grey like sea area. Also, I'd like to stick with this font too (Windows "Alba") to match the rest of the site.


Thanks in advance for your help!


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Hi Glynn!

The Sunset banner is to be ditched. I would love a more Trialsy Heatsink/Coust Banner to be produced from scratch to the loose details in my 1st message.



hey steve

just to clear up would you like to stick to the sunset idea i.e a sunset in background or you looking for any new banner to the same dimensions?


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Where's all the double n's coming from? :P

i just print screened it and copied it from the font website that someone linked to earlier. being a paint effort i didnt think it was worth changing it!

whats with all the licking of Jons arse? He's damn good, but I'm sure he'd prefer there to be some competition... Not that I'm going to provide it of course...

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