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A Little Sidehop From Rick Koekoek...


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Just stumbled across this vid on Youtube... Shows Rick Koekoek (who's just been signed up by Trialtech and I'd never heard of before Dave's 'news' post...) messing around in a gym and sidehopping (easily) over a bar at 1.40m (over 55"). Looks like he makes it with ease. Crazy.

Trials-Forum Video ->Full ViewDownloadUpload

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bar dips slightly in middle so im guessing that wouldnt count as 1.40m fro the record but still bloody stupidly good. seen him in videos of uci comps and hes top class rider.

At the end it says the middle of the bar is at 140cm.

That's crazy, he must do so much gym.

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only problem with that is if you just train your power up and up and up, then blimey your not going to be super precise are you?

What's the link between precision and power?

hermance is powerfull and precise...as benito and other

but I agree, if you could be precise as caisso, you don't need to be a powerhouse ^_^

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