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The Happy Thread

Duncy H

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New topic to replace the old one.

If something has chirped you up or made you feel happy then give us a post.

I'll start with...

I'm going out tonight for drinks with mates and the hillsborough yorkshire centre christmas trial is soon which is always mega :)

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Bought a giant 11" Viennetta for pudding one night, didn't even last an hour in the freezer from getting home.

Reminds me of when vienettas were ridiculously cheap at the local shop when we were younger. About five of us all got one each and ate then with bare hands in the baking sun in the park :L

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Had a mega night out wi mates and some lasses. Taxi driver obviously didn't know how to drive in bad conditions though. He slammed brakes on every half a minute and said I don't know if I can carry on. "Yes of coarse you can't carry on driving like that you nob I'm getting out here before I die" :L

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