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Best town in UK


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He said best, not cheap.

Best is south of the most southern point of the M25.

Are you referring to Chiltern? Cos the houses are seriously expensive. Although 500 grand for that kinda house is damn worth the money compared to the houses in my country.

Leeds everytime. Infact anywhere up north apart from Manchester for me

Leeds looks good. Loads of shops. My gf's idea of heaven.

I've always liked Bristol.

My gf says Bristol is dangerous after she watched skins. LOL. Is that true?

Gotta admit even being a southerner I love going to Liverpool. It's a great place, loads of shops phenomenal night life regardless of what music you're into and the people seem really friendly (for the most part)!!

I think Liverpool might be a little problem because of the accent, is John Bishop. Find it a little hard to understand him.

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It depends what to you classes as "best". Cheap? Night life? Adventures? Scenery?

I'm from Leeds and as you can probably tell, I f**king love it haha.

It has hundreds of shops, the nightlife has lots and lots to offer. There are loads of pubs, SO many food options.The girls are ridiculously fit, just something about them, not chavvy like wakefield or sheffield etc. The uni is excellent (there are 3 but the Uni Of is decent). And you're in Yorkshire, meaning you're only a train journey away from visiting some f**king epic scenery. It's fairly cheap to live there too, if you house share you can get a banging deal.

I know people will disagree with some of the stuff i've said but that's just my two pence and what i've picked up over the 22 years I've lived here. Not that I was going out when I was 3 or anything haha

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Yorkshire Yorkshire Yorkshire, coal coal coal. Come tu't national coal mining museum yea Ilkley moor bar t'at. I love a good yorkshire pudding in Leeds. Come t'ut market and get 4 sacks of coal for a fiver. 4 sacks a coal buy one get one free.

Nightlife is good too. You wake up, have a bit of breakfast (Yorkshire puddings and coal). Get on't northern rail and you're down't pit for about 6 in't morning. have a few hours ard graft and before you know it it's clock of dawn. Come out, you never see't light of day I tell thee lad.

Leeds is nice.

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Anywhere in the county of Yorkshire! Specifically, Sheffield, IMO its the perfect balance between Leeds and Manchester. Its got awesome night life because of the Universities, its got pretty decent street, its really nice, its the greenest city in the UK, its right next to the peak district. Loads of shops, got meadowhall shopping centre, and then the main high street, everyone's dead friendly, apart from the odd nob, but everywhere has them, and Sheffield has a considerable amount less than anywhere else I've been.

And. Its got no southern city pansies! :P

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So once again it depends on what you're after. South west for me, I lived in London for 18 years but the SW has more of what I'm after. I've travelled to and spent time in most parts of the uk and still prefer the south west, but I've only lived in London, Plymouth and Exeter so can only give proper opinions on those 3.

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