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Rowan Johns Ashtonbikes/db - Brakeless...


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Wee ditty form the last couple of months ...

article (and lofi stream) on bikeradar ... RADAR


for youtube and vimeo links - and very shortly download from the podcast ...


EDIT - I realize it has just been posted but I thought it easier if I plonked all the links in my topic at the top ...

Thanks to Martyn, Dave and all the gang ...

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I am very VERY impressed! I don't get how you back hop on the flat without going forwards! I tried sidehopping that wall in london brakeless and I either looped out or gradually went forwards. I would understand if there was a slope, but it all seemed pretty flat to me!

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!!!!!!!!!! thats crazy but brakeless seems kind of pointless ultimately, cause you could probably still do the same thing with a brake on your bike but I guess its a whole new direction. Adding restrictions generates interesting styles. One thing I can think that would be cool to explore is pedal kick 180s without brakes. But yeah this looks much better than chris atkrigg.

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That was so controlled i actually thought some of it was done with brakes :o

I'll be honest, because that was actually trials riding, i prefered that 10x more than Danny mac's new vid.

Well done lad, you sure are one brave fella' :)

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He makes it look like a disadvantage using brakes. I'm very impressed.

I've had a little mince about without using my brakes in the past and I have to say it after about 10mins of being totally useless and thinking everything was impossible I started seeing more things to do and feeling a lot more confident. I think it makes you ride a lot smoother and more controlled. Fair play to Rowan though he's taken it to the next few steps up lol.

I think a mention of the legend Chris Akrigg is not uncalled for, for being the first person to show us what can be done without brakes. I have to admit to being a nay sayer when he released his first video but I've totally flip flopped on the subject.

Now someone go and take Danny Macs brakes off.

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I don't want to ruin this video for everyone but I think it's my duty to share this information...

It's only right that everyone should know...

I sold Rowan some invisible brakes a few months back

This probably doesn't come as a shock to anyone, I mean honestly, the smooth flowing style and big moves in this video are obviously impossible without brakes.


p.s. Amazing! The levels of commitment and bike control shown here are outstanding - great video

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