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Do you say lift up, or lift down?


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Pretty much everywhere's up for me, although I'd say down for basically anywhere in Devon or Cornwall, even though a lot of Devon and a little of Cornwall's north of here. Also, it depends where I'm going, for instance I'd go 'up' to the hills, and 'down' to the coast, regardless of whether they're north of south of where I am. I'd generally say 'across' to London/the south east too, even though they're quite a bit north of here.

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I normally refer as per the compass or topography. the coast I always assume to be sea level and in land to be above, so its always down the coast. If II'm not sure, I say over.

It does bug me when its obviously said wrongly, my missus says her uncle comes 'down' from bournmouth, which couldn't get much further south from us.

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