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Sam Nichols

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just some question:

Why did the guy with the white rims had only a rear disc?

What type of rims where the blue inspired run on? Green DV?

Why is this video is so chill but so awesome?

My rims are silver, hope that helped. (:P)

I've got no idea why he doesn't run a front brake, but as you can see, he doesn't really need one! Frenchies all the way.

I can't help you with the rim question I'm afraid!

The last bit is just pure science... Cool People + Cool Spots = Win

^That x100

Really miss this weekend, got home at around 3am after driving all the way back up North which just saying guys at that time in the morning is WAY way better than driving through the centre of London! Work Sucked so much today (buzz kill)

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Cheers for not hating it everyone (Y)

If I had to show a trials strangers trials videos, I'd probably show yours because yours always have the funness to them along with great riding. Might show Imaginate first but the compliment's still there :P

That's what I strive for! Thanks!! :D

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