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On 28/06/2021 at 11:55 AM, Adam@TartyBikes said:

Hot tub works :D

Took 3.5 hours to heat, then we spent 3 hours in it last night. Eyes, nose and skin don't get battered like normal which is a bonus. The water coming out of the heater coil was boiling (!) so that should kill any nasties. It even maintained 36 degrees for over an hour after we'd stopped feeding the fire!

Next upgrade: a better, more insulated lid, in two halves so we can keep it partly covered for winter use.



i need to a see a full shot that

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Soooo I made a downhill racer from Colin Furze's book a few months ago with my son and now he wants a miniature version making for his toy dog (and so does his sister for her rabbit) so I've broken out the lolly sticks! 

Here it is so far, might have to make a few adjustments just waiting on some finger bikes to chop up and use for the wheels and front end! IMG_20210709_210319.thumb.jpg.aa0eb854df2c15f29ed6868a022001cf.jpg

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The table is amazing! Solid hardwood, thought to be Indian of origin, carved and inlaid with stupendously fine bone detailing.  Paid 50 quid for it from local farcebook marketplace.  The legs are threaded onto angled pucks that are screwed up onto the table top so you can whip the legs off for storage/transport. By blind luck, the height of the wooden boxout I made for the seats (dictated by the height of the transit minibus seats we used) plus the height of the original table legs was mm perfect match to the sequoia caravan table leg we bought ages ago :D

Figured that a tripod table would be far more stable than balancing ontop of a single leg, just needed to reposition and orient the threaded pucks underneath and it's worked out nicely. We can carry all four legs and use it as an outdoors table as well :)

edit: if you want to see all 500+ van conversion photos, add me on facebook (Ed Emuss) and you'll be abel to see them all.

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Nope, they're perfect size for me! :)

Mike, unfortunately with a whole 95bhp when it left the factory, almost quarter of a million miles ago it's never going to be very fast lugging a 3.5 tonne van about :(

I do know the clutch is good for at least 140bhp though as it's the same part number as in the more powerful van so will likely get it remapped at some point :D

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Was looking around for some projects to keep my mind off the ones that I've currently got going (:rolleyes:) and remembered that I meant to be building a coffee table a while ago.

I got some legs off ebay a while ago, presumably at one point meant for a set of chairs, but at ~46 cm height they seemed suitable for a coffee table.

Not really into woodworking I've got no idea what way I'd best go about actually attaching them to something. My idea was to have a glass table top, set into a 'frame', with a gap to put place a magazine/photos/whatever under the glass. The moulding of the frame going outwards, instead of inwards like on a picture frame.

The way the top of the legs are cut however, I'm really not sure how to attach them. They must sit relatively close to the table top, or the table itself needs sort of a valence of 7cm to cover where the legs have been faced off. Could cut a little off the top of the legs, but I'd rather not tamper with them.

Not even sure where to start really.




Edit: I'd best try to make a drawing to clarify things...


Just thought, the moulding could actually overlap the top of the legs ever so slightly if they're set in a little. Probably wouldn't look too bad.61092e2e173b9_IMG_20210803_1338243.thumb.jpg.e480d6240b636fe0fb424f6a91b61f38.jpg


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Disproportionately chuffed with how these came out for how simple they are.

Ripped down some oak and laminated it with rosewood veneer for contrast strips.
All three pieces came nested out of a single blank.
They're hair pins. Thought that's probably not a guess most people on here wouldn't snap so thought to clarify :lol:








Yes, messy bench is messy, and only when posting did I notice I hadn't put the bigger one through to its proper half-way resting point >.<



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11 hours ago, Topsy said:

That looks really nice!

I was puzzling over them for a while though, I suppose the wooden block is simply to put them away on? :lol:

:lol: Yeah. That'd be a fairly committed look, having that wedge on your head.

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Those are great. I used to work for a designer brand who bought a lot of this sort of thing and this looks just as good as the stuff we were selling for £150+. 

How did you finish the edges?


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12 hours ago, Joe Aston said:

Those are great. I used to work for a designer brand who bought a lot of this sort of thing and this looks just as good as the stuff we were selling for £150+. 

How did you finish the edges?


Thanks mate, 

The edges are sanded down with 240 - 2000 grit then a bit of wax and leather finish, then I creep up to 10,000 grit as well as a burnish stick (slippy wood) by comparison to some other guys my edges fall way short the guy I've linked to below is beautiful


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The van is getting close to the end!

Away in it next weekend at a festival from Thursday onwards and we've met the targets of where we wanted to be with the build :)

Still got a list of stuff to complete though, design the polypropylene dog crate and have it fabricated/finish laying out storage shelves and cubbies (the first trip out will help us determine what we need where)/design and build a composting toilet to fit into the van somewhere/build storage cubbies above the passenger side worktop/add bookshelves to the rear doors/design a cantilevered hammock bracket to fit onto the roofrack (that doubles as kayak lifting rails) etc etc etc.

It's been a long time coming but very pleased with the results so far :)









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Taped, joined, filled and sanded


painted and made a mess



Sanded the floor, didn’t do a great job but I only had a day this time instead of a weekend. It’ll do was the attitude by the end. 


Finished the floor. Ended up using a polyurethane. Bona mega varnish because, well, lols


Added my speakers (forgot the wiring when I did the walls so I have posts on the skirting…)


finished the skirting and doorframe


got some serious Lego in


got a desk and a new sofa bed in.


have been really enjoining using it. So much fitting out required. I’d like to build a nice desk at some point but this will do for now. Now I need to sort some sort of extended canopy for shade and some blinds. AC hopefully going in in a couple of weeks.

Griff is starting school and the drawn out period of one day on and one day off, combined with other stuff has been quite stressful so it’s really nice to retreat out there for a chill out.

Edit: the editor has gone mad and I can’t remove these extra photos.




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Built this camp kitchen earlier this summer for the Disco. Been awesome to have everything in there always ready to go at a moments notice. Where the sink is flips up and the left side is just a big storage door. The bed platform is two pieces so I can put the front piece over the boxes and retain all the seats in the car.

I did plan on wrapping it in some cheap carpet type stuff and making a custom foam folding mattress for it but been using/enjoying it too much to do that.

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