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Trials Christmas #1


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All three of the below are complete cliche, but in my mind all three videos are pretty iconic for their 'genres' of trials. When I hear any of the songs i immediately think of the video regardless of where I am. If i had to choose one then Toxicity...such a good video / song choice.

Old school: Toxicity by System of a down from "Toxicity - Trials kings" - https://youtu.be/42Pvyrcdp8s

TGS street: Lying from You by Linkin Park from 'Gilles & Giacomo coustellier in nottingham" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0EV2FZPugc

Street trials: The funeral by Band of horses from 'Inspired Bicycles - Danny MacAskill April 2009' - https://youtu.be/Z19zFlPah-o


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If I have to pick one it would be The Distance by Cake from what I think was Danny Mac's first video? Back when videos could go viral from being called Mountain Bike Trickster and automatically generated thumbnails. I can't not list the honourable mentions that I still listen to regularly when I ride... The TGS rock music thing never really did it for me, I'm pretty darn mellow.

Jon Byrne - Cigarette Song (Rowan John's CS video, and now I've finally realised CS most likely stands for Cigarette Song...)

Slackstring - Sunday Jen (Ben Travis - Sunday)

The Album Leaf - Always For You (Mike Bentham - Monday)

Hermitude ft. Steve Clisby (Lewis Greenhalgh video I can't find anymore) 

Little Dragon - Twice (Joel Bennett - Twice)

The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist (East Coast Trials 2 - Dave Dennis 2003)


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I don't actually remember many songs from videos. Band of Horses has been mentioned already so I'll go with what introduced me to riding with ska:

Shootin' Goon - MTV / Do the Goon intro from Matt Berridge's Do the Goon Again vid.

Also, from @aener 's Jezebel vid, Iron & Wine - Jezebel.

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I was also going to mention Rowan’s video and music combos, they were class :) 


but seeing as that’s been covered, I’m going to mention Andy Ts Vincent Hermance in Colorado (2?) video with Arcade Fire and possibly Modest Mouse? 

I remember those being watched on repeat, the riding was the best I’d seen and the music helps the hype... so good! 

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